Where to Find Oriental Tattoo Designs

Okay, so you’ve made the decision that you’d like to look at oriental tattoo designs in order to pick one of them for your final tattoo option. Well, now that you’ve made that decision, you still need to take a closer look at the designs that are available so that you can see which ones appeal to you and which ones you’d rather do without.

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 The most obvious place for you to find oriental tattoo designs is through the tattoo parlors in your area. A quick search through the phonebook should reveal the locations of these different parlors and then you can go to them and see what they have to offer in the area of oriental tattoo designs.

 This is not a bad idea, but it is one that will take you a lot of time. Another potential idea that could be a fit faster is to look at the websites of the different parlors in order to see the designs that they offer. Many modern tattoo parlors will have websites with samples, but it is also true that some of the ones in your area might still need to be visited directly in the absence of them having a website.

 If neither of these appeals to you because of the length of time they would theoretically take, you can just take a look at different oriental tattoo designs online. You don’t have to settle for just the tattoo parlor websites as there are many websites out there that can show you what these designs are like. If you look at  Tattoo Designs and Ink Pictures at Tattoo.org.uk  you can find a lot of tattoo designs. Then, once you’ve found a design or a group of designs that you like, you can take them to the different tattoo parlors until you find one that is willing to draw that tattoo on for you.

Characteristics of Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Characteristics of Butterfly Tattoo Designs


There is no question that butterfly tattoo designs are some of the most beautiful designs available on the market today. No matter how you get them done however, all butterfly tattoo designs have certain common elements to them that you need to think about. Thinking about them now can help you make an informed decision later.


 Color is obviously one of the big characteristics of any tattoo design, but it is very important to butterfly tattoo designs. The color of a butterfly tattoo is central to the artistic expression of the tattoo and that is why it is so important. Bright reds and yellows express majesty while something like a white or a dark blue or brown will express a bit more of an emotional undertone to the more cheerful brighter colors. You want your tattoo to mirror your own emotions as much as possible, so thinking about color is definitely a good idea.


 How big do you want the tattoo to be?  Most standard butterfly tattoo designs are small enough to fit on a shoulder blade, an ankle or a wrist. However, if you want something larger, you can certainly get it from most of the tattoo parlors out there. The size of your tattoo directly influences how noticeable it is and that in turn is what makes this such an important characteristic for you to consider beforehand. You can see some tattoo designs at http://www.tattooartdesign.com they have a lot of tattoo designs


 What do you want your butterfly tattoo to be doing?  The standard tattoo that most places will offer is just a simple butterfly tattoo with a vertical orientation along the lines of what you would see on a bug collector’s wall. However, you can get the orientation rotated, the wing positions changed and even add the impression of flying motion if you’d like. It really is your choice when you opt for butterfly tattoo designs.

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